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MTSS Intervention Software

Empower teachers to provide targeted interventions to students who need it most. Dot It Intervention Center is easy to use and connected to Dot It's full MTSS platform to help you personalize tier plans, manage group intervention schedules, and document student progress.

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Gone are the days of juggling multiple spreadsheets and documents to keep track of interventions. With an MTSS intervention software, all the necessary information is in one place, allowing educators to quickly and easily identify areas where students need additional support.

An MTSS intervention software can revolutionize the way teachers manage their interventions. By providing a user-friendly platform that streamlines the process of drafting tier plans, scheduling interventions, and progress monitoring, teachers can focus on what they do best - helping students succeed.

Educators sharing plans and ideas

The Intervention Software You Need to Put Students First

Simplify the creation of tier plans, intervention scheduling, and progress monitoring by centralizing all these tasks in one easy-to-use platform.

Personalize Tier Plans

Make it easy for teachers to connect every part of their MTSS plans. Cut the time it takes for them to write their plans. Give them error free options for serving each of their unique students with evidence based practices. Boost their confidence in writing standards-based goals.

Educators sharing plans and ideas

Popular Features

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Manage intervention schedules

Do you know who is teaching what, where, and when? Dot It makes it easy to form student groups and schedule your services that align to the standards. Access the Dot It group goal guide to ensure your instruction addresses the impact of every student in the group setting.

Educators sharing plans and ideas

Popular Features

gold checkmark Flexible Student Groups
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See what all you can do with the Dot It Intervention Learning Center.

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Document Student Progress

MTSS software also offers powerful progress monitoring capabilities, allowing teachers to track student progress and adjust their approach as needed. With this tool, teachers can quickly identify areas where students are struggling and intervene early to prevent setbacks.

Educators sharing plans and ideas

Popular Features

gold checkmark Intuitive progress monitoring
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MTSS is complex. We make it simple.

Professional Development

What makes our software so special is how we support your unique goals. Our professional development team partners with you to connect, capture, and celebrate everything MTSS.

24/7 Customer Support

Dot It's expert customer support team is ready to help you through any technical questions, and can be reached by web chat, email, or phone.

On-demand Education

From blog articles to online tutorials, Dot It has a catalog of on-demand educational content to help your whole team onboard and grow.

More ways to put your students and staff first

Dot It subscriptions come with flexible implementation models to meet your needs. We help you from the beginning to determine the software and support that best supports your goals and produces the most impactful results.

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Tier 1 Learning Center

Quality Tier 1 instruction is the foundation of MTSS. Dot It professional development helps you improve Tier 1 fast and our super simple software makes your new standards based practice sustainable.

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Special Education Learning Center

Container programs don't help teachers plan, practice and show progress. Dot It professional development and software helps your people make specially-designed instruction live up to its name.

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Professional Development

Delivered by highly experienced trainers who understand your challenges, we help you connect your people to your vision, give them a place to capture their value, and celebrate the joy of their successes.