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At Dot It, our goal is to help districts implement what works.

Research is overwhelming that adequate response opportunities on standards-based tasks is what gets the results you want. We make it simple for MTSS and IEP teams to generate plans that address the REAL impacts, practice consistently in small groups, and monitor authentic progress on attainable standards-based goals.

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Dot It is designed, developed, and deeply committed to the most impactful research. We connect cognitive-based learning to evidence-based practices to standards-based monitoring. In real time, Dot It's user friendly dashboard creates comprehensive usage and performance data, enabling you to readily address questions, such as: How many teams are planning compliantly according to expectations? What are coaches recommending? Which standards are teachers focusing on? How well are students responding?

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Safety lives in the standards.

Every Dot It student plan is based on teacher and team inputs that generate options for attainable grade level standards-based goals in ELA, math and social emotional learning. Each Dot It goal is deconstructed according to the four basic units of learning. To clarify measurable results, goals are progress monitored and graphed on a digital rubric within the system.

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Empathy is highest order thinking.

Problem and Impact statements are based on the 5 cognitive components. Dot It practices clearly articulate what the teacher will say and do and what the student will say and do to meet their goals. Dot It goals are prefaced with instructional conditions that best remove barriers to learning. Options for classroom supports and accommodations are aligned to the Universal Design for Learning strategies that are evidenced-based for each cognitive challenge.

Laurie, a founder of Dot It

Equity is access to excellence for everyone.

Dot It plans are based on a clear and consistent continuum of services across 5 levels of support: Tier 2 and Tier 3 support for non-eligible students, and 3 levels of support for students with disabilities. Recommendations are based on teacher inputs aligned to research based scaffolds such as intervention intensity and concrete-representational-abstract instructional sequences. Dot It’s meeting protocol guides teams through choices that fit within the MTSS framework while respecting the autonomy of team decisions based on unique student needs.

Laurie, a founder of Dot It

Efficacy is the product of sincere responsibility.

Dot It plans are crystal clear. Group Goal Guides give teachers ability to instruct based on individual student strengths and needs. Dot It’s Support Schedule makes it easy to provide differentiated instruction in flexible small groups. Teachers and coaches can support multiple goals and plans simply. The share feature makes it easy for teachers, coaches, and administrators to capture the value of coaching practice.

Laurie, a founder of Dot It

The best indicator of success today is success yesterday.

Dot It assessment is based on authentic student work aligned directly to grade level standards and state assessment design. Dot It progress monitoring measures standards based goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. Dot It captures teacher documentation, observations, authentic student work, and evidence of learning behaviors in addition to curriculum based goal assessment.

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