It's about time.

Pacing guides, benchmarks, common assessments, and instructional resources all connected to your state standards.

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It's about time for the software and support you deserve.

From year-long pacing guides to daily lesson plans, we provide school districts with the tools they need to connect their students to the standards every day.

36-Week Pacing Guide and 9-Week Benchmarks

Keep pace with evolving standards effortlessly. Create positive urgency from the first day of school to the last. Connect the district plan to each school and educator like never before.

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3-Week Common Assessments and Instructional Resources

Your common assessments need to be structured towards the state tests. With Dot It Common Assessments and Instructional Resources, higher-order thinking becomes the norm, ensuring students are accessing grade-level work.

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Weekly Quizzes and Tier 1 DOK Differentiation

Make every classroom moment count. Dot It Quizzes align with state standards, provide evolving instruction for every level of the DOK, and guide discussions on grade-level tasks.

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Bi-weekly Progress Monitoring for Tier Plans and Special Education

Draft Tier 2 Plans, Tier 3 Plans, and IEPs and seamlessly monitor progress on standards-based scaffolding.

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It's time to prepare your students for graduation.

Discover how Dot It's tailored solutions create cognitive experiences that prepare learners to graduate and find their purpose in the world.

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