Team Solutions

Stay connected to provide targeted support for every student.

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Teachers, coaches, and admins working on MTSS and Special Education plans together

Why teams connect with Dot It

gold checkmark To improve compliance with shared process for writing, implementing, and monitoring your plans
gold checkmark To keep track of teacher and coach practice day to day
gold checkmark To increase accountability for progress on the standards
Educators sharing plans and ideas

Connect knowledge

Connect the knowledge from psychologists, general and special educators and families to meet student needs. Dot It embeds that expertise right into our planning guide. So, every component connects and everyone gets smarter.


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Dynamic reports

View and share real-time school or district reports

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Actionable data

View usage and performance reports real time to make proactive decisions

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Intuitive scheduling

Understand exactly who is teaching what, when, and where

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Search teacher data

Pinpoint teacher problem areas to provide timely support

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View student goals

Filter down to specific goals for each school in your district

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Progress monitor

Witness authentic evidence and progress to celebrate success

Build consistency

Ensure that every MTSS and IEP meeting follows expectations. Give teachers and coaches the tools they need to deliver on their promises. Keep families informed and happy by sharing authentic progress.

Educators sharing plans and ideas
Educators sharing plans and ideas

Create accountability

Check in from your desk on usage and performance. Monitor teacher and coaching practice in real time. Put your hands on evidence in minutes. Make proactive decisions for providing support.

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Teacher successfully connecting the dots between their students

Let's connect

Connect with us to see how much smarter your MTSS and special education process can be with Dot It.