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Dotting i's and crossing t's isn't even half of what we do. We are here to help educators integrate the MTSS and IEP tools they already have in place with the technology and staff development they deserve.

We know exactly how MTSS professional development and technology can transform your school.

Meet our team of:

  • Highly experienced educators who have consulted, trained and coached the implementation of MTSS and special education across the country for over 25 years.
  • Highly skilled software engineers who understand and work with educators to design a digital MTSS and special education process that complies with everything you are expected to do.

Our Team

Susan, a founder of dot it

Susan Milliones

Susan Millones has consulted with districts and trained thousands of teachers across the United States in MTSS and special education. She has presented at National Conferences including National Title 1 and has worked on federal grants for MTSS implementation. She is a graduate of the Learning Forward Academy for professional learning. She has worked with leaders in hundreds of schools to close achievement gaps, ensure authentic compliance, and improve the quality of educational experiences for students on the margins. Susan is a co-founder and systems developer for Dot It software tools.

Laurie, a founder of dot it

Laurie McDanel

Laurie McDanel has an Ed.S in School Administration and a Masters's in Special Education from Western Carolina University. She received her B.S. from the University of Tennessee. She has 20 years of special education classroom experience and 10 years of leadership experience at the school and district levels. Her innovative leadership as a Special Education Director led to the significant closure of achievement gaps for students with disabilities in her district. Laurie is the co-founder and application designer of Dot It.

Britt, a founder of dot it

Britt McDanel

Having grown up around educators, Britt holds tremendous respect for the work that you do, taking special note of the flexibility and empathy that your jobs require. After graduating from Wake Forest University, he channeled that respect into the creation of the suite of Dot It Software. Britt is responsible for the development, enhancement, and security of Dot It, ensuring that our software suite is quicker, clearer, and better than any other MTSS and IEP tool. Britt is happy to field any questions on optimizing your school's usage of Dot It Software.

Brad, a technology leader at dot it

Bradley McDanel, Ph.D.

Bradley, who holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Harvard University and M.S. and B.S. degrees from Wake Forest University, brings his passion for teaching and practical learning to Dot It. As a professor at Franklin & Marshall College, Brad is known for his hands-on approach and dedication to making deep learning concepts accessible to students. In his spare time, Brad enjoys online chess. At Dot It, Brad combines his expertise and understanding of student needs to contribute to a platform that supports educators and learners in an effective and user-friendly way.

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