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Teachers, coaches, and admins working on MTSS and Special Education plans together

Why teachers connect with Dot It

gold checkmark To reduce the stress of overwhelming paperwork
gold checkmark To make it easy to put plans into practice and remove the barriers
gold checkmark To encourage success stories using authentic documentation
Educators sharing plans and ideas

Reduce paperwork stress

Make it easy for teachers to connect every part of their MTSS plans or IEPs. Cut the time it takes for them to write their plans. Give them error free options for serving each of their unique students with evidence based practices. Boost their confidence in writing standards-based goals.

Elevate student responses

Let teachers teach the plans they made with automated strategies that remove barriers to responding for each student in every group.

Educators sharing plans and ideas
Educators sharing plans and ideas

Experience success everyday

Realize success quicker and personalize student stories to share with teammates and families. Share proactive insights and progress on standards-based goals. Celebrate real student work.


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Access millions of errorless goals

Generate an individualized MTSS plan or IEP in minutes instead of hours

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Service scheduling with student groups

Schedule individual or group services with automatic lesson plans

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Real-time printable reports

Be prepared for every meeting with the most recent data for each student

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Present level with strength statements

Understand exactly where your students are and what they need to succeed

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Impact statement and problem statements

Address the impact of each student with every goal

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Intuitive progress monitoring

Easily track student progress, upload evidence, and celebrate success

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