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Written by Laurie McDanel on October 22, 2022

Evidence-based Practices

What makes feedback effective?

“Students need to know their learning target— the specific skill they’re supposed to learn— or else ‘feedback’ is just someone telling them what to do.” ~ Susan Brookhart

As Hattie and Clarke explain in their book, “Visible Learning Feedback” feedback is one of the most important influences on achievement and learning. The authors state that feedback needs to answer 3 questions: “Where am I going?”, “How am I going?”, and “Where to next?” It is difficult to answer those questions if teachers are unclear about the specific skills students need to learn.

In fact, teacher clarity as defined by Hattie’s research also has a 0.75 effect size—in other words, it doubles the speed of learning. Clarity also benefits the teacher. When teachers provide effective feedback aligned to specific goals and criteria for learning, they work smarter not harder. Instead of spraying feedback and hoping something sticks, teachers are able to go back to the learning target and provide feedback that is focused.

Effective feedback can increase the pace of student learning by an additional six months. The goal of effective feedback is to provide a continual review of the learning so that the students know how to improve. Feedback needs to be given to everyone equitably.

Effective Feedback looks like this:

This type of meaningful feedback guides students through the learning process.

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