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Teachers, coaches, and admins working on MTSS and Special Education plans together

Why coaches connect with Dot It

gold checkmark To take the guesswork out of removing the cognitive barriers
gold checkmark To easily provide support and feedback for small groups
gold checkmark To build consistency and capacity through focused instructional improvement
Educators sharing plans and ideas

Focus on expectations

Support the plans teachers and teams made. Help teachers deliver on the promises they made to students and families.

Support small groups

Find group schedules and plans so you have the MTSS or special education look-fors at your fingertips.

Educators sharing plans and ideas
Educators sharing plans and ideas

Share the value of coaching

Research is clear that coaching works. Capture and share insights, recommendations and learning with anyone on your team.

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Teacher successfully connecting the dots between their students

Let's connect

Connect with us to see how much smarter your MTSS and special education process can be with Dot It.