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Written by Susan Milliones on May 17, 2021

Multiple Tiers of Instruction

3 Shifts Exemplary Educators Are Making Now

In this presentation, you will learn first about 1 big problem educators are facing. Next, you will learn 2 changes that lead to innovation. Finally, you will learn 3 shifts exemplary educators are making now.  At the end of the post, get the thinking started. Download the 3 Shift Planning Map that goes with this presentation. You can complete it on your own or with your team.


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In other words, you can’t solve ESSA problems with NCLB thinking and technology alone. As you move past the difficulties of the pandemic, your students will need accelerated learning opportunities. While remedial intervention is supposed to help students, there is a great
deal of research indicating that many interventions have little impact on existing discrepancies and inequities. (Steiner & Weisberg, 2020). that’s because as they are engaged in remediation, they are missing the concepts they need in the general curriculum. There is simply not enough time to go back and teach all that has been missed. There are 3 shifts you can make to accelerate learning.

Of course, these shifts represent a higher order of thinking and planning for teachers, too. They need support and tools that make the work easier right now. Using Dot It can help you implement standards-based MTSS plans and IEPs that address personal impacts and problems with purposeful scaffolds in minutes instead of hours. To learn more, book a time to talk!


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