Task list that represents a paper process that teachers used to follow to plan standards-based goals for students
Written by Laurie McDanel on May 5, 2021

Multiple Tiers of Instruction

4 Keys to Close Your Achievement Gap

Even though the 2020-21 school year has presented a variety of unique challenges, there’s one obstacle that consistently occurs: achievement gaps.

If you are a school administrator or educator, May is the time of year for testing. Mixed emotions surface at testing time. This is especially true for this pandemic year. Did your achievement gap widen?

You think about what you were able to teach and what students were able to learn. As administrators, you think about how you supported teachers in all their teaching and learning. Did you support the right things to help them?

Conversely, exemplary schools with neurodiversity feel confident in May. They have figured out the formula to ensure all students achieve. They close their achievement gaps. 

The 4 Keys to Close the Achievement Gap

We’ve gotta guarantee all of our kids an education. ~Geoffrey Canada

  1. All curriculum is based on the state’s standard
  2. Grade level instruction and assignments on the desks
  3. Purposeful high-yield evidenced-based practices
  4. A proven framework for giving all students optimal opportunities to respond

Besides being the testing month, May is the month to begin to formulate a plan for the next school year. Time to take stock. Use the infographic below to compare your formula. Are you missing anything? Can you focus more on 1 area?


Using Dot It can help you implement standards-based MTSS plans and IEPs easily and with confidence.

Within minutes instead of hours, teachers have standards-based goals to teach. To learn more, book a time to talk!


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