Task list that represents a paper process that teachers used to follow to plan standards-based goals for students
Written by Susan Milliones on February 27, 2022

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How to Start a Purposeful Strategic Plan

Wondering how to start a purposeful strategic plan? We all want to be purposeful leaders. We want to feel that the work we do has meaning. Purposeful leaders write purposeful plans. Purposeful plans connect students to strategy. In this post, we will first describe the importance of strategy. Next, we will provide questions for understanding your students and families. Finally, we will provide examples and an ebook for how to start a purposeful strategic plan.


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Purposeful strategic plans connect directly with students and families. Strategic planning is about people, not things. Begin with understanding your students and families.  Then,  your purposeful, strategic plan is likely to connect with everyone.


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Teacher successfully connecting the dots between their students

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