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Written by Laurie McDanel on February 20, 2022

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How can Stressed Administrators Connect with Teachers?

When you are feeling stressed out, it can be very difficult to connect with teachers. You know that it is your responsibility to support your teachers. However, at times you can’t find the emotional energy yourself to do that. When your stress level is up, your empathy is down. These feelings and facts are real. So, what’s the plan? It begins by changing your thinking. There is brain research about how social connections influence our health, happiness, and decision-making.  Everyone wants happier and healthier teachers. Indeed there are specific strategies you can learn to increase your connections with teachers. By understanding the 3 brain states, you know which strategies will be the most effective for a particular brain state. Here is an overview of the brain states.

All of us can move between these three brain states. If you have teachers that are consistently in the “survival mode” then their ability to teach effectively is at risk. See the survival mode strategies here. When teachers are in the emotional state, they are checking to see if anyone cares.

Your reactions need to convey that you care about them. When teachers feel supported, they’re more likely to experience better health and happiness. Feeling more positive about their work can lead to better outcomes for students. Here is a list of specific strategies to build lasting connections and support.

Strategy #1


Strategy #2



Strategy #3

With everyone looking for connections, these strategies will help you develop them in a meaningful way. Even when you are feeling stressed, knowing that you have a plan for building better connections with your teachers is a relief. So, no need to stress, you got this!

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