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Written by Laurie McDanel on November 11, 2021

Evidence-based Practices

Why Confidence Matters in Education

Confidence is the feeling educators want to experience every day. You want a sense of well-being and belief in your ability. You hear the saying that confidence is contagious, but how can you feel more confident on your own? The keys are feeling prepared and having the right knowledge for the job. General and Special educators bring different bodies of knowledge to the classroom every day. Each educator has an important role in supporting students with disabilities.

With high expectations in mind, collaboration between the general and special education teachers is essential. Students with disabilities are required to take the same tests as their peers unless they are on alternate standards.  Higher-order thinking questions are now the norm.

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Why does feeling confident matter? According to Visible Learning for Teachers: Maximizing Impact on Learning by John Hattie, collective teacher efficacy (teachers’ confidence in their ability to promote students’ learning) has the greatest impact on student achievement.

Dot It software and support give teachers the confidence they need to do their important work.

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