3-Week Common Assessments and Instructional Resources

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Unlock the potential of every student with Dot It Common Assessments and Instructional Resources. Our assessments and resources are developed from the grade-level standards that are taught in your pacing guides, and structured based on your state's assessment design. Districts that use Dot It are able to respond before it's too late.

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Turn Your Data into Meaningful Information

Dot It's Assessments foster higher-order thinking skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. These resources encourage students to engage deeply with content, resulting in meaningful learning experiences and improved academic outcomes.

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Change the Conversation

Get away from conversations over things you cannot control. Focus on what you can do differently with the things that you can control. Develop purposeful PLC's with timely information.

Educators sharing plans and ideas

Plan Grade-Level Talk and Tasks

Our exemplary Lesson Plans are meticulously crafted to align with state curriculum standards. By seamlessly integrating these plans into your classroom instruction, you'll elevate student response and ensure meaningful engagement with the material.

Educators sharing plans and ideas

It's time to prepare your students for graduation.

Discover how Dot It's tailored solutions create cognitive experiences that prepare learners to graduate and find their purpose in the world.

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