Grow with Strategic Supports

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Delivered by highly experienced trainers who understand your challenges, we help you connect your people to your vision, give them a place to capture their value, and celebrate the joy of their successes.

3 Compelling Steps for Professional Development

Elevate your staff and lighten your workload when you connect your plans, capture your practice, and celebrate your progress.

Step 1 of dot it professional development: connect

Connect your plans

Safety lives in the standards. To move your district everyone needs to be on standard every day. From pacing guides to lesson plans to tier plans and IEPs, Dot It software guides your planning, making all the compliant connections that you've been missing.

Step 2 of dot it professional development: capture

Capture your practice

Not all RIT scores are created equal. Context matters. From pacing guide resources with personalized tier 1 differentiation, to intervention in tiers 2 and 3, to specially designed instruction, Dot It practice tools capture the value of your decisions and the stories that illustrate why.

Step 3 of dot it professional development: celebrate

Celebrate your progress

Success breeds success. From quizzes and common assessments. to small group coaching feedback and standards-based monitoring and teacher notes, Dot It progress celebrates success for everyone.

Strategic Professional Development

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Purposeful Accountability

Stay on pace, monitor plans, and develop active leadership.

Solve the disconnect between official and taught curriculum
Improve the shared image of good teaching
  • District Leaders
  • Principals
  • APs
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Purposeful Coaching

Evaluate student work, increase rigor, and release control.

Solve the disconnect between assignments and assessments
Improve student engagement & behavior
  • Title Facilitators
  • Coaches
  • School Psychologists
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Purposeful Personalization

Understand student thinking, remove cognitive barriers, and exceed expectations.

Solve the disconnect between the students you have and the strategies you use
Improve performance in ALL subgroups
  • Gen Ed Teachers
  • Interventionists
  • Special Educators