Pacing Guides and 9-Week Benchmarks

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Staying aligned with state education standards shouldn't feel like a race. With Dot It's Pacing Guides and Benchmarks, your teachers will feel inspired to join and stay on your team, ensuring that every step of the curriculum journey is purposeful and sustainable.

Our approach is practical and grounded in research, designed to keep educators engaged and students thriving. Say goodbye to burnout and hello to meaningful progress with Dot It.

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Envision Expectations

The Pacing Guides prioritize student success by promoting a reasonable and achievable pace of learning. Students benefit from a coherent and well-paced curriculum that maximizes their opportunities for growth and achievement through standards-based talk and tasks.

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Stay on Pace

Dot It's Pacing Guides ensure that educators can keep pace with evolving standards without feeling overwhelmed. These guides provide a structured framework for curriculum planning and implementation, allowing for a balanced approach to teaching and learning.

Educators sharing plans and ideas

Measure the Pace with 9-Week Benchmarks

Dot It Benchmarks provide educators with a common language to support accountability towards the Pacing Guide.

Educators sharing plans and ideas

It's time to prepare your students for graduation.

Discover how Dot It's tailored solutions create cognitive experiences that prepare learners to graduate and find their purpose in the world.

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