Weekly Quizzes and Tier 1 DOK Differentiation

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Every student deserves access to quality education. With Dot It's Weekly Quizzes and Tier 1 DOK Differentiation, we provide students with more focused instructional time.

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Deliver Tier 1 DOK Differentiation

With Dot It, identifying the depth of knowledge for every student is made simple. Our intuitive tools allow educators to quickly assess student understanding and identify those who may be falling behind. Armed with this information, you can deliver targeted, differentiated instruction tailored to the unique needs of each learner.

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Evaluate the Depth of Knowledge

We know that higher-order thinking comprises most of the expectations. Use Dot It to identify your students' DOK on any standard. Improve student achievement by going deeper with Dot It Tier 1 Differentiated Lessons.

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Reflect on Authentic Student Work

Dot It guides educators to reflect on authentic student tasks and responses in PLCs, providing valuable insights into the effectiveness of instructional practices.

Educators sharing plans and ideas

It's time to prepare your students for graduation.

Discover how Dot It's tailored solutions create cognitive experiences that prepare learners to graduate and find their purpose in the world.

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